Presidential 2020 Donald Trump puts on line an absurd poll

Presidential 2020: Donald Trump puts on line an absurd poll


The President of the United States questions the American people on its ability to protect the country against the threat of democracy. Donald Trump definitely has no restraint. In the run-up to the next presidential election in the United States, the US head of state has put online a completely surreal poll in which he asks questions without filter and where he denigrates the Democrats, noted Le HuffPost. It must be said that Donald Trump does not have his tongue in his pocket. Like its protests on Twitter, this questionnaire perfectly illustrates the provocative spirit of the Republican leader.

On the Make America Great Again website, the campaign team, or perhaps the US president on its own, asks users to answer a series of more or less oriented questions. The participants then have two possible answers: Donald Trump, on one side, “a democrat” each time wearing a pejorative adjective, on the other. “Corrupt”, “ultra-taxer”, “liar”, “soft” or “weak IQ”, everything goes. The poll is also very focused on patriotism with several questions about American protectionism, foreign and domestic threats, but also immigration.

A targeted attack against the democrats

Once the survey is completed, a message is displayed: “The left radical socialist wing will not stop until it transforms America into a socialist country. We must make sure that does not happen. Contribute with any amount to support President Trump and defend capitalism. With this questionnaire, the US President continues his open war against Democratic leaders.

On June 18, he had already targeted his political opponents at the launch of his campaign in Florida. “Our radical Democratic opponents are guided by hatred, prejudice and rage,” said Donald Trump. “They want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it. Not acceptable. It will not happen, “said the American billionaire. In a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC, 44 percent of respondents approve of Donald Trump, his highest score since the beginning of his term.

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