Right and far-right Party ruling in Andalusia

Right and far-right Party ruling in Andalusia


Juan Manuel Moreno will most certainly become the next president of the Andalusian government.

The Popular Party candidate is expected to end 36 years of socialist hegemony over the region following the inaugural vote on Jan. 16.

The PP has the absolute majority after the agreement reached Wednesday with Ciudadanos, a center-right formation, and with Vox.

This political movement caused an earthquake in the elections of December 2, becoming the first right-wing party to send elected officials to a regional parliament since the death of Franco.

In a Parliament with 109 deputies, the People’s Party won 26 seats, Ciudadanos 21 and Vox 12.

Created in 2013, this far-right party advocates the end of the autonomy of the regions, the expulsion of illegal immigrants or even the abolition of the law against violence against women.

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