Rohingyas Angelina Jolie calls on Burma to stop the persecution

Rohingyas: Angelina Jolie calls on Burma to stop the persecution


American actress Angelina Jolie on Tuesday urged Burma to show a “real will” to stop the cycle of violence against the Rohingya during a visit to refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Coming as a special envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Hollywood star arrived Monday in Bangladesh, a poor country in South Asia where nearly a million Rohingyas are crowded into gigantic tent camps after fleeing persecution against their Muslim community in neighboring Burma.

“I call on the Burmese authorities to show the real will needed to end the cycle of violence and displacement and to improve the conditions for all communities in Rakhine State”, from which the Rohingya come, said the Filmmaker in front of reporters.

During her visit to the Cox’s Bazar district camps, which exploded in size following the influx of 740,000 people at the end of 2017, Angeline Jolie held a series of meetings with refugees, including women raped by women. Burmese military.

“It has been deeply disturbing to meet families who have known all their lives only persecution and statelessness, who say they have been treated” like cattle, “the 43-year-old actress told reporters.

“I met a woman yesterday, a rape survivor in Burma, and she told me,” You’ll have to shoot me before I get home without having my rights, “she said.

As a minority pariah in Burma, the Rohingyas are considered illegal immigrants, although some have resided there for generations. In the autumn of 2017, they fled massively this Buddhist-majority country in the face of an army campaign, for which a UN investigation recommended prosecution for “genocide”.

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh should be able to return to Burma “only when they feel safe enough to do so voluntarily and knowing that their rights will be respected,” insisted Ms. Jolie, very committed to humanitarian issues.

Angelina Jolie will finish her trip to Bangladesh on Wednesday with a meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the UN said in a statement.

Discussions will focus on how UNHCR can help Bangladesh in welcoming Rohingyas and “sustainable solutions” for this uprooted community.

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