Russia release of Belarusian escort girl who claimed to have secrets about Trump

Russia: release of Belarusian escort girl who claimed to have secrets about Trump


Belarusian escort girl Nastia Rybka, who had promised revelations about Russia’s role in the US elections and was arrested last week in Moscow, was released, the lawyer of one of her co-workers said on Tuesday. accused.

“The investigators have made the decision to release them conditionally,” Svetlana Sidorkina, Alexander Kirillov’s lawyer, who was arrested with her for “inciting prostitution” on their return from Thailand, told AFP. they had been expelled.

They will have “obligation to appear” before a judge, continued the lawyer, without specifying when could take place the hearing.

Nastia Rybka, whose real name is Anastasia Vashoukevich, was arrested on her return from Thailand, where she was expelled after nearly a year in prison for giving “sex training” classes.

She was arrested last Thursday in Moscow while she was in transit for Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

“Nastia Rybka” was known to have been involved in a political scandal with Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, close to Donald Trump’s former campaign director, Paul Manafort.

The young woman claimed to be in possession of “missing pieces of the puzzle” about the Kremlin’s help to Donald Trump during his election campaign in 2016.

His lawyer, Dmitri Zatsarinski, posted a video on his Instagram page where he is seen with Anastasia Vashoukevich in a car. “Nastia Rybka is free, we are going home,” he wrote.

During a hearing on Saturday, during which her detention had been extended for three days, she had assured that she would not “in any way compromise Oleg Deripaska”. “I have enough,” she added.

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