Russia tests a new hypersonic missile

Russia tests a new hypersonic missile


The Russian army claims to have succeeded this Wednesday a test of its new hypersonic missile “Avagard”, described as invincible by the Kremlin.

A missile impossible to intercept, which will ensure the security of Russia for decades. Thus Vladimir Putin presents “Avagard”, a new hypersonic missile which he supervised the test this Wednesday from Moscow. A “final test” made “with total success”, according to the president.

Part of southern Russia, the machine reached its target 4,000 kilometers away on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Far East), according to the head of the Kremlin, who is serving his last term.

“This is a great success and a great victory, and the new Avangard Intercontinental Strategic System will come on stream next year, a wonderful and wonderful New Year’s gift to the nation,” said the Minister. President.

Vladimir Putin unveiled the development of this strategic weapon during a speech to the Russian Parliament last March. He had assured, infographics in support, that the missile was able to reach 20 times the speed of sound and to break the existing air defense systems.

The Russian president claimed to have spoken to some counterparts, but that they had not deigned to listen. “Nobody listened to us, listen now,” he said to the applause of the parliamentarians.

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