Russian plane shot down in Syria but what really happened

Russian plane shot down in Syria: but what really happened?


What about the evolution of pragmatic relations between Moscow and Jerusalem after the recent crisis of the Russian plane shot down in Syria by the Syrian army but initially attributed to the Israeli air force?

Near the incident of the Russian plane shot down in Syria, initially attributed to the Israeli air force, a crisis opposed Moscow to Jerusalem. In truth, we now know that it was the Syrian antiaircraft defense that had mistakenly targeted the Illiouchine-20 Russian aircraft over the Mediterranean, resulting in the deaths of 15 soldiers on board. The misunderstanding arose from the fact that at the time of the incident, Israeli missiles were targeting ammunition depots in the northwestern province of Latakia.

Last Thursday, the chief of staff of the Israeli Air Force took a delegation to Moscow to clarify the circumstances of the tragedy, and to confirm the responsibility of the Syrian ally of Moscow during an Israeli raid and not his own aviation. After initially accusing the Israeli pilots of using the Russian aircraft as a cover to escape Syrian gunfire, Moscow now seems to accept the IDF version which states that not only was the Russian aircraft far from where his aircraft attacked the Syrian army, but it was reached at a time when these planes had already returned to the airspace of their country. For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed to Vladimir Putin his deep “sadness” and offered his help in the investigation. Attached more than anything to preserving the good Russo-Israeli relations strengthened during the summer of 2018 on the Syrian file in particular, the Russian president finally recognized that it was a “chain of accidental tragic circumstances”, while urging the Israeli side not to allow this kind of situation to happen again “… President Bashar al-Assad, who does not want and can not break his strategic alliance with Iran and Hezbollah, and whose violent anti-Zionism is at the center of the Arab nationalist ideology owed by its ruling Ba’ath Party, denounced “arrogance” and “Israeli depravity” in a letter of condolence sent to its Russian counterpart that was a real shame because it is a plane of the Russian protector that the Syrian army has shot, admittedly by mistake, supposedly because of the Israeli army. As for the Jewish state, its position on Syria is poorly known, often caricatured, as well as its relations with Moscow.

What is interesting above all is that Israel is accused of having “warned too late” the Russians of its current operation. This only confirms, once again, the agreements between the two countries. Israel has pledged to always warn Moscow before intervening on Syrian soil in return for the tacit consent of the Russians. When you think about it, and remember the relations between Israel and the USSR, you almost think you’re dreaming. In this case, these are obviously errors, as it often happens during conflicts. Israel is not Erdogan’s Turkey and does not have fun shooting down or getting down Russian planes to demonstrate … we do not know what. The Russian army protested vehemently, and the Israeli ambassador was summoned and lectured, which is good war. But Netanyahu has already called Vladimir Putin, apologized and offered to make available to the Russian security services all the elements on this case at his disposal. It is almost certain that the Syrian army, as often, fired indiscriminately, regardless of the possible presence of Russian planes in the area. Moreover, we already know that the Israeli plane was on the way back to its base, when the Iliushin of Russian reconnaissance was shot down. The fault lies entirely with the Syrians. On the contrary, we can expect closer cooperation between Moscow and Jerusalem, so that such incidents do not happen again.

Israel does not choose its enemies, it is the Arab countries (then Iran since Khomeini) and Syria in particular, which have never accepted the existence of Israel since before its creation. It should not be forgotten that an impressive number of Nazi dignitaries fled to Syria after the Second World War, including Alois Brunner, the right-hand man of Adolph Eichmann, and that they ignited a latent anti-Semitism of religious origin. , engine of the permanent conflict between Jews and Arabo-Muslims. The founder of the Baath party, Michel Aflaq, whose ideology was inspired by the philosopher Zaki al-Arsuzi, himself a partisan of incorporating a form of fascism into Arab nationalism, was an admirer of Hitler and, until Today, Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Sages of Sion, are bestsellers in Syria … Despite these unfortunate facts, because they are part of a context of state racism, Israel would be ready to make the peace with Syria and Lebanon in the minute, even to sacrifice the Golan, in the same way that she made peace with Egypt by returning Sinai to Sinai. But how to end the conflict with governments whose only rhetoric is the destruction of the Hebrew state? The question therefore does not arise in this sense. Since its creation, Israel is a country at war, not recognized by a majority of its neighbors and it would be an infinite relief for the Israeli people and their governments, right and left, to finally be able to live like any other country, without having to devote more than 7% of its GDP to its defense (against 2.5% for France for example). US aid covers only a small part of this budget.

That a Syrian leader has the courage of Sadat, and announces that he is ready to speak of peace in the Knesset, and he would receive a triumphal welcome throughout the country. On the other hand, when one sees the current situation, any serious observer can only welcome the fact that the Golan is now Israeli territory and live peacefully, when just a few kilometers from the border, the various factions, among which Al Qaeda and Daech, kill each other. The first beneficiaries of this situation are obviously the Druze (syncretic Muslim minority present in Syria, Lebanon and Israel) which make up a large proportion of the population of the Golan and who, for nothing in the world, do not want to end up in Syrian territory .

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