Saudi Arabia unveils Drones Attack damage to its oil facilities

Saudi Arabia unveils Drones Attack damage to its oil facilities


Saudi Arabia on Friday (September 20th) showed for the first time to the international press the extent of the damage to its oil installations attacked on September 14th. The Saudi authorities insisted on their determination to quickly restore production, despite rising tensions in the region.

The Khurais facility in the east of the kingdom was hit four times on Saturday, September 14, and fires raged for five hours, said an official of the Saudi oil giant Aramco who manages the site.

200 miles northeast of Khurais, Abqaiq is home to the world’s largest crude processing plant. Eighteen strikes were reported, according to Aramco officials. The journalists saw that huge tanks had been damaged there as well as stabilization towers, serving, in particular, to separate the gas from the crude oil.

The damage contributed to the halving of the production of the leading exporter of black gold and led to a surge in prices.

  • The United States for a “peaceful solution”

The tour of the facilities was organized in the wake of a tour of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who appeared to want to calm the game, saying that his country favored a “peaceful solution” with Iran, despite being accused of to be behind the attacks by Washington and Ryad.

His Saudi counterpart, Adel al-Jubeir, reacted overnight on Twitter, warning that any complacency toward Tehran, which denies the charges, would encourage Iran to “commit further acts of terrorism and sabotage” in the region.

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