Senator Mitt Romney expresses doubts about Donald Trump's stature

Senator Mitt Romney expresses doubts about Donald Trump’s stature


Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, newly elected senator, expressed doubts about Donald Trump’s stature, saying he had “not donned the suit” of president.

“The Trump presidency dipped in December. (…) His conduct over the last two years and especially his measures this month demonstrate that the president has not donned the costume of his office,” he said. in a platform at the Washington Post on Wednesday.

“With a country so divided, up and angry, a presidential leadership rich in qualities of character is essential,” said the one who is about to enter the Senate after the mid-term elections in November.

Donald Trump responded rather moderately to this tribune of the elected Senator of Utah.

“It starts with Mitt Romney but so soon! The question will be, is there a Flake? I do not hope so,” wrote the White House tenant on Twitter on Wednesday, referring to Jeff Flake, Republican Senator of the Arizona, regular critic of Donald Trump, who is about to leave office.

“I would really rather have Mitt focus on border security and other things he can help, I won, not him, he should be happy for all Republicans,” said the 45th President of the United States. United States.

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, responded during the day during an interview on CNN, explaining that he was “not sure” to support the Republican president in the next presidential election.

“I’ll see what are the alternatives,” he said.

It is not the first time that the two men cross the iron. The unfortunate candidate in the 2012 election had notably treated Donald Trump as a “charlatan” during the 2016 campaign, even though he had then tempered his public statements.

Last July, he had exhausted Donald Trump for his “shameful” press conference alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

In his gallery, Mitt Romney said he was initially encouraged by the arrival of personalities such as James Mattis at the Pentagon or John Kelly as secretary general of the White House.

But he was alarmed last month by the presidential announcement, against all odds, of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, followed by the resignation of Jim Mattis in protest.

Mitt Romney assured however that he did not intend to “comment on every tweet or mistake” of the president. “But I will rise against any declaration or measure that is divisive, racist, sexist, against immigrants, dishonest or undermines democratic institutions,” he wrote.

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