Shutdown and Immigration Trump Promises Major Announcement

Shutdown and Immigration: Trump Promises “Major Announcement”


US President Donald Trump is due to make a “major announcement” on Saturday over the federal government’s budget holdup for nearly a month, in a context of extreme political division around his proposed anti-migrant wall on the Mexican border.

“I will make a major announcement about the humanitarian crisis on our southern border, and the shutdown tomorrow afternoon at 15:00, live from the White House,” tweeted early Friday evening the Republican president, without further details.

Saturday morning, he said in the gardens of the White House that this intervention would concern the caravans of migrants from Central America trying to enter the United States, in which according to Mr. Trump there would be many criminals.

On Friday night, he posted a video on Twitter stressing the need for the United States to “secure” its southern border.

“If we do not do that, we are a very very sad and stupid band,” he said. “Everyone now knows that our southern border is experiencing a humanitarian crisis, it is also a national security crisis”.

Believing that this situation lasted “for decades”, the billionaire considered that it “only worsened because many people want to enter our country”.

Then he made an appeal to the democrats who took control of the House of Representatives in early January and who refuse to allocate $ 5.7 billion this year for the construction of a wall between the United States. and Mexico, its main campaign promise.

– Intransigence –

“Take off the politics of all this, get to work and find an agreement,” he said.

On Saturday morning, before his departure from the White House to meet families of four Americans killed Wednesday in a suicide bombing in Minbej (Syria), Donald Trump said “hope” that the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi can “move forward and realize what everyone knows, no matter who it is, how the walls work and we need walls”.

This intransigence on both sides has caused since December 22 a partial “shutdown”, a paralysis of federal administrations for lack of adoption of their budget by the Congress.

Some 800,000 federal public servants are affected by being on unpaid leave or forced to work because they are deemed essential but not paid.

They should all receive their salaries at the end of the “shutdown” but, meanwhile, they face serious difficulties to pay their bills, their loan repayments or simply do their grocery shopping.

In a solemn address on January 8th from the Oval Office, the President told the Americans he was speaking to them “because we are witnessing a growing humanitarian and security crisis on the southern border”.

He had also warned against illegal immigrants who cause “American blood” to flow.

And, Saturday morning, it is once again taken to the Mexican authorities evoking a “caravan” of migrants party as several earlier in recent months of Central America to the United States.

“Mexico is NOTHING to stop the caravan that is now fully formed and heading for the United States,” he tweeted. “We stopped the last two – many are still in Mexico but they can not cross our Wall but it requires a lot of border agents if there is no Wall, not easy!”

About 2,000 Central American migrants, the vast majority of whom are Hondurans, illegally crossed the border between Guatemala and Mexico on Friday.

And a new caravan left Tuesday San Pedro Sula in Honduras and advance in separate groups. This is the third from this country since the departure on October 13 of a first procession, which had gathered up to 7,000 people.

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