Shutdown Donald Trump backs down under pressure

“Shutdown”: Donald Trump backs down under pressure


The president agreed Friday to reopen the federal government until February 15 during border talks.

Rarely did Donald Trump appear to be defeated like this Friday, Jan. 25, on the lawn of the Rose Garden at the White House. On the 35th day of the “shutdown”, the shutdown of part of the federal government for lack of budget, the president accepted the only compromise offered by the democratic opposition, without the slightest concession for its “wall” on the Mexican border.

He has signed a temporary funding measure to pay public servants and put the administration back to work until February 15. It does not provide any funds for the construction of the “wall” whose virtues it once again extolled: neither the 5.7 billion initially requested – the bone of contention at the origin of the “shutdown” – nor even “the advance” in prorata “begged since Wednesday for price of a compromise. In exchange, the Democrats are only committed to negotiating “a package of measures on internal security” in ad hoc parliamentary committees that promise strong exchanges. If, during the next three weeks, no bipartisan agreement is found, Trump threatens to return to the same means of pressure: a new paralysis of the government or the use of its executive powers, “a very powerful alternative, but that I I did not want to use at this stage.

The context weighed in the White House leader’s decision to return, at least temporarily, the weapons. This Friday marked the second day of missed pay (it is fortnightly) for 800,000 civil servants requisitioned or laid off. Sign of their growing anger, the Federal Aviation Authority had had to suspend some of the flights in several airports because of the absenteeism of the air traffic controllers, following that of the security agents. Similarly, 14,000 tax officials refused the order to work without pay. The day before, during Senate votes, a proposal presented by the president – the financing of his wall in exchange for a three-year break for minors who arrived illegally – had received fewer votes than a competing measure submitted by the Democrats. . New polls also indicated rising discontent, including in the conservative camp.

A call to “put politics aside”

The president called on parliamentarians to “put politics aside” to “show the world that we are united to protect our wonderful country.” He once again pleaded for his flagship election promise, albeit in rhetoric. nuanced: “A wall should not be controversial,” said Trump. There have been 1000 km of barriers built for fifteen years. The walls work, it’s common sense itself. We are not talking about a medieval wall, but about a smart wall, metal fences through which we can see, with advanced technology, sensors and drones. We do not need 3000 km of concrete wall, there are natural ramparts along the border just as effective. “He now wants to strengthen” high-risk areas identified by border police “and” modernize The official crossing points through which 90% of the drugs pass. A speech closer to that of the Democrats.

“We have very good ideas on how to secure the border,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But “we do not negotiate taking the Americans hostage, hope the president has learned the lesson,” dropped his accomplice in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. With the return to normal, Donald Trump must be invited to deliver his annual State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill “on a date to be agreed.” Perchoir, “Madam speaker” is sure to see it there.

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