Shutdown Trump facing the Nancy Pelosi obstacle

Shutdown: Trump facing the Nancy Pelosi obstacle


After a month of paralysis, Nancy Pelosi, the new Speaker of the House, confirms her ability to resist the President.

A month after the start of the shutdown (the partial paralysis of the federal government), the US Congress began Tuesday to break the deadlock. But the two Houses take opposite directions, making a rapid breakthrough unlikely.

For a month now, the parliamentary barrier erected by the opposition has proved insurmountable for the president.

The Senate, dominated by Republicans, formalizes its support for President Donald Trump in a bill that resumes its offer on Saturday: $ 5.7 billion for its wall on the border with Mexico, in exchange for an extension of three years of protection granted under Obama to illegal immigrants arrived minors.

The Democratic-controlled House adopts a series of budget provisions to finance the government, while developing its own plan to secure the border: at least $ 1 billion to recruit border guards and immigration judges, develop border surveillance and drug enforcement technologies. But nothing for the wall.

In the absence of Democratic support, the Senate text is unlikely to get the necessary 60 votes in the upper house – and none to pass the hurdle of the lower house. In the face of Trump’s refusal to endorse it, the House of Representatives’ move is doomed to failure in the Senate.

Thus for a month, the parliamentary barrier erected by the opposition proves to be insurmountable for the president. Donald Trump stumbles over the inflexible refusal of Nancy Pelosi, the new Speaker of the House. At 78, after a lifetime in the arcs of power and over thirty years on the Capitol, the San Francisco elect “knows how to handle the knife,” told the Washington Post a former Republican advisor. It was enough for an interview with the cameras in the Oval Office on December 11 to show the country the ability to resist Trump.

Pelosi did not loosen his judo grip. The polls encourage him: not only a majority of Americans blame Trump, but he sees his rating drop in his supporters

With his comments on an “immoral” wall, which would be a matter of “virility” for the president, and the withdrawal of the invitation to give the annual State of the Union speech on 29 January in Congress, also As long as the shutdown lasts, Pelosi has not loosened his judo grip. The polls encourage him: not only a majority of Americans blame Trump, but he sees his rating down in his supporters, an unprecedented phenomenon.

On January 15, he had invited a group of centrist democrats (the “blue dogs”) to lunch at the White House in the hope of dividing the other side. They declined the offer. “Madam Speaker” holds his united troops in a principled position: let’s get the government back up first, then we can negotiate security at the border. Without guarantee to yield to the request of the White House of 376 km of additional palisades between the United States and Mexico.

Nancy Pelosi further strengthens her power by forming an effective tandem with Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate. “We are consulting on strategy four or five times a day,” said the New York Senator. So far, he had the upper hand thanks to his ability to block Senate measures requiring 60 votes. Having become the third state figure, Nancy Pelosi led the team after winning 40 seats in the November general election, the largest party increase since 1974.

If the president mocks “Chuck the whiner”, he retains his blows against “Nancy”, exempt from nickname and just accused of being “controlled by the radical left”. Not only “he respects it,” says the White House, but he would rely on it to “protect” the inclinations of some of the elected officials to hear his impeachment trial. Barring the explosive revelations of Special Attorney Robert Mueller, Nancy Pelosi prefers to defeat “the best deals maker in the world”.

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