South Africa: ANC tops legislative elections by partial results

South Africa: ANC tops legislative elections by partial results


The African National Congress (ANC), which has been in power since 1994 in South Africa, tops the legislative elections, according to preliminary results on Thursday of the Independent Electoral Commission, which covers nearly a quarter of the country’s districts.

The ANC, Nelson Mandela’s historic party with an absolute majority in the outgoing National Assembly, is credited with 54.65% of the vote, according to the figures.

The Democratic Alliance (DA), the main opposition party, comes in second place with 26.49% of the vote, largely ahead of the country’s third largest political force, the radical leftist party Fighters for Economic Freedom (EFF) with 8.07%.

Winner of all the polls that followed the fall of the apartheid regime and the advent of democracy in 1994, the ANC has seen its popularity plunge under the enamelled reign of President Jacob Zuma’s scandals (2009-2018).

But his successor Cyril Ramaphosa, the current head of state, has given himself the mission to instill a new dynamic in the party, promising to fight against corruption, unemployment and social disparities.

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