Spain: last day of the legislative campaign

Spain: last day of the legislative campaign


The countdown is launched in Spain, which is living the last hours of the campaign for early parliamentary elections to be held on Sunday. This is the third time in nearly four years that the Spaniards return to the polls and the risk of political blockage is still important. According to several experts and the latest opinion polls, a large part of voters should decide at the last moment. The country is plagued by political instability and the unknown post-election alliances dominate this end of the campaign.

Great favorite of this election, Pedro Sanchez, the current leader of the socialist government. His party, the Socialist Workers Party of Spain is given victory but the polls do not credit an absolute majority, which explains that Sanchez will not be able to ignore alliances to stay at the head of the government.

On Thursday, he refused to rule out an alliance with the Ciudadanos liberals to continue to govern, despite the refusal of the Liberals. Pedro Sanchez may also have to form alliances with the radical left of Podemos, whose leader Pablo Iglesias appears on the screen.

Catalonia and extreme right

The question of the status of Catalonia was also obviously at the center of the campaign, a year and a half after the attempted secession. It has also been the main angle of attack of the right against Pedro Sanchez. Vox’s extreme right also accused the socialist of “betrayal” for having spoken to the separatists.

The rise of the extreme right that could enter Parliament is the new fact of this election. A first since the death of the dictator Franco in 1975. Existing in the polls barely a year ago, this training caused an earthquake in the regional elections in December in Andalusia with 11% of votes and helping the People’s Party and Ciudadanos to drive the Socialists out of power in their historic stronghold.

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