State of the Union Speech Trump wants to gather

State of the Union Speech: Trump wants to gather


It is in the face of the full-fledged US Congress that Donald Trump delivered the annual speech on “The State of the Union”. A dangerous exercise this year: the House of Representatives is now dominated by Democrats and no longer by Republicans.

The 45th US president first played the unit card first and called for compromise. “We can overcome old divisions, heal old wounds, create new coalitions, forge new solutions, and unlock extraordinary opportunities for the future of America,” said Trump. Tonight, I ask you to choose greatness. ”

The wall with Mexico back on the carpet

Two weeks ago, Donald Trump ended the shutdown, the blockage of federal services, without getting funding for his project to build the wall on the border with Mexico. A controversial theme that he does not hesitate to tackle. “There is no problem dividing the American working class and the political class as much as illegal immigration,” he says. “In the past, most people in this room voted to build a wall, but the wall did not never built, I will have it built! ”

Foreign policy widely discussed

Crisis in Venezuela, war in Afghanistan, economic tensions with China, Donald Trump devoted a large part of his speech to foreign policy. He took the opportunity to talk about his upcoming summit with the North Korean leader. “I have good relations with Kim Jong-Un, we will meet again on February 27 and 28 in Vietnam.”

A pre-campaign address

The US president also praised an excellent economic record, before concluding his speech of just over 80 minutes on a unifying tone: “We must choose if we define ourselves by our differences or if we have the audacity to transcend them” .

For political analysts, this speech on the state of the union was a reality a campaign speech. Donald Trump intends to run for a second term as president. The next presidential elections are in just 21 months.

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