Sudan army proposes a resumption of discussions on a transition

Sudanese military council proposes a resumption of discussions on a transition


The Sudanese military council has proposed to resume talks on a transfer of power to a civilian authority, which were at a standstill, announced Saturday the coordination of the protest movement in Sudan.

Thousands of protesters camp in front of army headquarters in Khartoum to ask the military council that took the reins of the country after the ousting of President Omar al-Bashir exactly one month ago on April 11, to cede power to a civil administration.

But talks between the leaders of the Alliance for Freedom and Change (ALC), the spearhead of the protest, and the Military Council are stumbling over differences.

“We have received a call from the Military Council to resume negotiations,” the ALC said in a statement, saying it was ready to participate but without giving a date for the next meetings.

The two sides differ on the composition of a body called to replace the Military Council. The ALC wants it to be dominated by civilians while the army seeks to include a majority of soldiers.

The ruling generals also want to keep Sharia (Islamic law) as the source of legislation.

The ALC said in its communiqué that it had identified the points of disagreement and proposed to resolve them in the space of “72 hours” from the beginning of the discussions.

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