The fall of the Trump Tower

The fall of the Trump Tower


Since the election of Donald Trump, the iconic skyscraper in New York is no longer popular. Investors sulk a polluting tower became fortress.

Poor Donald! The Trump Tower, of which he is so proud, has become one of the “least desirable” luxury skyscrapers in Manhattan, according to Bloomberg. Since the 2016 elections, most apartments for sale in the tower have been sold – sometimes with a discount of more than 20% – while in all Manhattan, only 23% of homes sold at a loss on the same period. The occupancy rate of the Trump Tower, which was 99% 7 years ago, has fallen to 83%. More than 4,000 square meters of commercial space in the lobby are available.

And yet, when the 58-story tower (Trump has always claimed it had 10 more) was inaugurated in 1983, it was, with its interior waterfall and pink marble avalanche, considered one of the New York’s most chic skyscrapers. Michael Jackson and Steven Spielberg lived there for a while. The 5th Avenue building became even more famous when The Apprentice, Donald Trump’s reality show, was shot there.

But since the election, the tower has looked like a fortress, with cement parapets around the entrances, a police deployment and a constant crowd of onlookers, which infuriates residents. It has not been renovated for a long time and the interior has taken a bit of old, especially compared to luxury skyscrapers that spring everywhere. Not to mention the fact that New Yorkers, mostly Democrats, shy away from living in a building stamped Trump. And his fans are not more motivated, because they are unlikely to meet the president, who comes there very rarely.

This is not the only property of the Trump Group in New York that suffers from disaffection. His golf has seen his attendance drop. Residents of six of its buildings voted to remove Trump’s name from the facade. And the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching a national chain of hotels has been abandoned. On the other hand, his palace in Washington flourishes, thanks to the multitude of republicans, lobbyists and foreign dignitaries who are in a hurry.

  • Big polluter

In addition, the Trump Tower and seven other buildings in the group in Manhattan are in the sights of the town hall. The municipality has just passed a law that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. But large buildings are responsible for nearly 70% of the city’s emissions, according to the town hall. Only the eight towers owned by Trump release 27,000 tonnes of these gases each year, or as many as 5,800 cars. Tower owners are therefore asked to carry out thermal renovation work to limit energy consumption and pollution by installing new boilers, air conditioners, windows, etc. If climate-conscious Donald Trump refuses to upgrade his properties, he could have to pay $ 2.1 million a year from 2030.

Bill de Blasio, the Democratic mayor of New York, held a press conference Monday in the lobby – open to all – of the Trump Tower to present the new law and denounce the carbon footprint of the iconic building. The event turned into a fiasco. Even before he started speaking, loudspeakers started playing music loudly and pro-Trump protesters booed him. De Blasio, who was trying to be heard in spite of the cacophony, explained that if the highly polluting Trump Tower did not reduce its emissions, it would have to pay a fine of $ 469,848 per year. “It’s a message to the owners of the whole city, no one will escape this law. Not even the president of the United States, “he said.

De Blasio, who plans to run in the presidential election in 2020, has denied having chosen the venue for political reasons. But so far, he has publicly pinned only Donald Trump, while the carbon footprint of other buildings is equally catastrophic. “Choosing our turn to make our press conference is childish,” tweeted Eric Trump, one of the president’s sons.


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