The right party takes the power in Andalusia

The right party takes the power in Andalusia


He is the new strongman of Andalusia. The conservative Juan Manuel Moreno has just been made president of Spain’s most populous region. A region that is rocking right for the first time in 36 years.

This would not have been possible without the voices of Vox, this small far-right party has formed an alliance with the Popular Party (PP).

In a country where the extreme right was almost non-existent since Franco’s death in 1975, Vox created a political earthquake last December, winning 11% of the vote and 12 elected out of 109 in the regional parliament.

The Andalusian executive will be composed of members of the PP and the liberal party Ciudadanos. Vox will not be part of it.

An ultra-nationalist, anti-immigration and anti-feminist party, Vox provoked outrage by demanding the repeal of measures against macho violence, a national cause that until now had been the subject of a political consensus in Spain.

On Tuesday, thousands of Spaniards protested against the far-right party with one slogan: “No step back in equality”.

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