The shutdown has now cost as much as the wall wanted by Trump

The shutdown has now cost as much as the wall wanted by Trump


Shutdown :The paralysis of the federal administrations would represent a dry loss of 1.2 billion per week.

The situation would be enough to smile if it was not dramatic for thousands of US officials. A few days ago, the rating agency Standard & Poor’s published a note estimating the cost of the shutdown in the United States, triggered on December 22 for lack of budget agreement between the Democrats and Donald Trump, who wants to include in the budget the financing of the border wall with Mexico.

The rating agency has thus averaged: the shutdown costs the United States $ 1.2 billion a week. A website containing these projections has been put online and thus allows to follow directly the cost of the partial shutdown of the federal administration. Result, this Wednesday, January 23, as pointed out a journalist France 24 on Twitter, the cost of shutdown is going to exceed that of the wall wanted by Donald Trump. At the time of writing this article, it was 5.4 billion. A figure at least comparable to the $ 5.7 billion that Donald Trump claims for his wall.

Especially since the projection of Standard & Poor’s is not the most pessimistic, some elected believing that the longest shutdown in the history of the United States is actually a dry loss of 12 to 20 million dollars per hour . That’s a total of 9 to 15 billion, says Le Figaro. Finally, according to estimates by the US bank Wells Fargo, the shutdown costs $ 2 billion per week. This raises the bill to 9 billion.

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