The White House totally crazy explanation of Donald Trump's tan

The White House totally crazy explanation of Donald Trump’s tan


While Donald Trump is often mocked for his orange tan, the White House has decided to answer the questions. And no, it does not UV.

Self-tanning creams, UV booths, long holidays in the sun … According to the White House, Donald Trump does not use any of this for his perfect orange complexion, summer or winter. And the question seems to fascinate Americans and the media so much that a senior official has decided to stop the rumors. To do this, he gave an interview to the prestigious New York Times. And according to him, the tan of Donald Trump is due … only to his “good genes”.

Still, many people agreed that the US president used some trickery to keep his complexion tanned. According to his former assistant, Omarosa Manigault Newman, he would be more likely to lie in a UV cabin. In her book “Unexploded: The Story of a Trump White House Insider”, she even explains that he allegedly fired a former employee who mishandled the machine. And the former director of the FBI had even gone in his direction.

In his book Superior Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, James Comey describes Donald Trump’s face as “slightly orange-looking,” with bright white half-moons under the eyes where I thought he had placed small sunglasses “. Yet three people working at the White House assured the New York Times: no UV booth is installed. To have a flawless complexion for his television appearances, Donald Trump would use a powder … translucent.

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