The wife of the Interpol former boss gets political asylum in France

The wife of the Interpol former boss gets political asylum in France


Refugee status was granted to Grace Meng and her children, eight months after the disappearance of her husband, detained in China. The asylum was granted on May 2nd. The wife of former Interpol President Meng Hongwei, who is detained in China today, has been granted refugee status in France.

Nearly eight months after the death of her husband, then head of the international police organization based in Lyon, political asylum was granted to Grace Meng and her two children, said Monday, May 13, his lawyer Emmanuel Marsigny.

Meng Hongwei, 65, who was also deputy minister of public security in his country, is suspected by Beijing of accepting bribes. He was already expelled in March from the CCP and any official function, following a disciplinary investigation within the ruling party. As a result of this investigation, prosecutors “decided to arrest Meng Hongwei,” the Supreme People’s Procuratorate said in April.

  • An attempted kidnapping early 2019

Grace Meng, who feared for her safety, has been subject to police protection with her children since an attempted abduction for which she filed a complaint earlier this year. It has recently found that the Chinese authorities have presented “no evidence whatsoever in support of their allegations”. The wife of the former leader had also asked President Emmanuel Macron to discuss the situation of her husband with Chinese President Xi Jinping, during his state visit to France last March.

Meng Hongwei is the umpteenth Communist leader pursued in the anti-corruption campaign launched in 2013 by Xi Jinping shortly after taking office. It has already sanctioned more than 1.5 million CCP cadres, according to official figures.

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