Theresa May, optimistic, continues to defend her plan for Brexit

Theresa May, optimistic, continues to defend her plan for Brexit


Birmingham (UK) (AFP) – British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday called for her unit party to succeed in the Brexit negotiations, showing her optimism and going so far as to sketch a few closing dance steps Congress of the Tories.

Wishing to erase the memory of her nightmarish speech of 2017, interrupted by coughing fits and the collapse of part of the scenery, Theresa May swayed on Dancing Queen, tube of the Swedish band Abba, on her arrival the grandstand of the Birmingham Convention Center (central England).

Seeking to break with her image as a rigid leader, she wielded humor and launched several pikes against her former minister Boris Johnson, who had spared no attacks the day before against his plan to leave the EU.

“We are entering the most difficult phase of negotiations,” said the British leader. “But if we stay together and keep our cool, I know we can get a good deal for the UK.”

“I passionately believe that the best is yet to come and that our future is full of promise,” she said. “It will be difficult at first but the ingenuity and resilience of the British people will help us to overcome” the Brexit trials.

Highly disputed about her strategy within the Tories, Theresa May nevertheless continued to defend her “Checkers plan”, a proposal “in the national interest”.

This plan provides for a close economic relationship between the UK and the EU after the divorce. He was rejected by European leaders, who asked Theresa May to review her copy by the next EU summit on 18 October, but also by the europhobe wing of her party.

London and Brussels must reach an agreement by mid-November at the latest. At six months of Brexit, March 29, “time is short”, said Wednesday the French Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau.

Hunting on the lands of Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May also hinted that the Tory’s austerity policy when they came to power in 2010 was coming to an end.

“Ten years after the financial crash (of 2008), people need to know that the austerity he has led is over, and that their hard work has paid off,” she said, promising investments in public services, which have often paid for this austerity.

– ‘Scarlet’ –

In Birmingham, the four days of the Congress exposed the divisions of the Tories.

In the main auditorium of the Convention Center, the official events, at which the ministers spoke only, made a government that was determined to defend the Prime Minister and her proposal.

But in the adjoining halls, several influential MEPs, chiefly Eurosceptic Jacob Rees-Mogg, former Brexit Minister David Davis, and former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson have called for a abandon Checkers and instead offer a free trade agreement similar to that signed between the EU and Canada.

The battle for the leadership of the party, latent since the decline recorded in early elections in 2017 that have lost Theresa May’s absolute majority, has nevertheless remained contained.

But according to the Daily Telegraph, Ms. May is “under pressure to set a timetable for her departure,” some members of his office wishing that she resign as soon as Brexit consumed.

Theresa May, whose absolute majority in Parliament is based on her ally, the small ultra-conservative party in Northern Ireland DUP, must also take into account the requirements of the latter.

While she announced that she would soon submit a new proposal in Brussels on the issue of the Irish border, the main source of blocking negotiations on Brexit, the head of the DUP Arlene Foster told her that “there can not be regulatory differential between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK “.

“It’s a red line, and it’s scarlet red,” she insisted on the BBC.

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