Trump a high probability to declare a state of emergency for the wall

Trump: a “high probability” to declare a state of emergency for the wall


Donald Trump said on Friday that there was a “high probability” that he would declare a state of emergency to obtain the necessary funds for the construction of a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico. a budget agreement on the issue in Congress.

The US president has threatened the threat several times in recent weeks, but the stalemate in the negotiations between Republicans and Democrats could convince Trump to use this option that would allow it to get rid of the approval of Congress .

This exceptional procedure is, however, likely to raise legal and constitutional disputes.

Speaking at a White House event, Donald Trump pointed out that there was no breakthrough in negotiations with Democrat leaders, while Speaker of the Representatives House Nancy Pelosi reaffirmed Thursday that she was opposed to the construction of the wall.

There is a “huge obstruction of the Democrats,” said the Republican president, and therefore a “high probability of having to resort” to the state of emergency.

A bipartisan commission is trying to find a compromise on the $ 5.7 billion that Donald Trump is seeking to finance the construction of the wall. This commission must complete its work by February 10, five days before the expiry of the law financing for three weeks the federal administration.

This law was promulgated last Friday in order to suspend the paralysis (“shutdown”) that affected more than a month during the US public services.

According to excerpts released Friday by the White House, the speech on the state of the Union he will deliver on Tuesday, Donald Trump will call on Republicans and Democrats to work together to “break decades of political paralysis.”

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