Trump After the fake news, the deepfake.

Trump: After the fake news, the “deepfake”.


Fake videos could play an important role in the upcoming elections in the United States and Europe.

President Trump is just a shit, you see, I would never say that kind of thing in a public speech, but someone else yes, someone like Jordan Peele.” This is a quote in a video starring Barack Obama. But “did President Obama say that? No, but it is rather realistic,” says Paul Scharre, expert at the Center for a new American security. It’s actually a rigged video, made by Jordan Peele in which he has his former president say what he wants.

“It’s called a deepfake, it’s a fake video that uses deep learning technology,” says the American expert. False videos increasingly difficult to spot. “Security experts could tell the difference between what is true and what is wrong, but a typical person can easily believe that this video is real,” he continues.

Two tips for recognizing a “deepfake”

So here are two tips for flushing out fake videos. “You can see, if you look closely and use the right equipment, color changes because of the pulse and the blood flowing, it does not happen in the fake videos, so it’s a sign that is wrong, there is another: in many fake videos, people do not blink, “advises Paul Scharre.

For now, like the fake news, deepfakes are a threat to democracy today. “Over the next two years, we’ll see fake videos playing a role in political campaigns in the US or Europe, and with the technology improving, we’ll see people creating fake videos to try to influence campaign, to dirty candidates, and it will be a challenge for democracies.This is a standoff between those who create videos and security researchers who are trying to develop effective detection tools, “concludes expert.

The US Department of Defense has released $ 68 million to fund projects to fight “deepfake”

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