Trump against Obama last weekend of campaign in the United States

Trump against Obama: last weekend of campaign in the United States


Indianapolis (USA) (AFP) – Donald Trump travels this weekend the United States to try to save the Republican majority in Congress in the legislative elections on Tuesday, facing a Barack Obama out of his reserve to mobilize the Democrats .

The first national election meeting since the election of the New York billionaire will determine who will control the two chambers of the Congress until the next presidential election, in November 2020, at which the President does not hide that he intends to introduce himself.

Exactly eight years ago, Obama was about to suffer a Republican tidal wave in his own first mid-term elections: it was the “revolution” of the conservative Tea Party movement, at the peak of unpopularity of the democratic president.

This year, the retiree is in favor and is the most sought-after figure of Democratic candidates, fulfilling a role formerly held by Bill Clinton.

“I’m here for a simple reason: ask you to vote,” Barack Obama said Friday night in Atlanta, Georgia, to support the woman who could become Tuesday the first elected black governor of that southern state, Stacey Abrams .

“The consequences of abstention are profound because America is at a crossroads,” he said. “The values ​​of our country are at stake”.

As for Donald Trump, he did not mention his name, but denounced a speech aimed in his view to “try to scare you with all kinds of scarecrows”.

– Immigration –

Republican candidates are also actively seeking support from Donald Trump, who remains the party’s most inclusive and popular personality.

The president has been on the ground almost every day for weeks, hoping to convince those who voted for him two years ago to return to the polls.

Unlike his predecessors, he explicitly assumes that the mid-term elections are a referendum on his person.

After two meetings Friday, Donald Trump still has four rallies planned this weekend: Montana, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.

Accused by the Democrats of having uninhibited the extreme right and having served as a catalyst for the deadly attack in a Pittsburgh synagogue, he is campaigning on two main themes: the country’s economic health and the fight against terrorism. illegal immigration, which links to insecurity.

“A Republican Congress means more jobs, less crime,” the president repeated Friday night in Indianapolis.

“A blue wave equals a criminal wave, it’s very simple,” he said. “And a red wave equals jobs and security”.

He quoted Barack H. Obama, as he called it Friday night, pointing out the initial middle name of Obama for Hussein. “I watched it today, there were not many people” at his meeting, he said.

– Increase participation –

Scalded by the surprise of the 2016 presidential election, the American media are more cautious and avoid any definitive prediction from polls that give a national advantage to the Democrats for the lower house of Congress.

For the 435 seats in the House of Representatives, which will be renewed for two years, the race actually focuses on sixty constituencies, the others being fairly solidly anchored in one party or the other.

As for the Senate, 35 seats out of 100 are at stake for six-year terms. Chance of the calendar, these 35 states are for the most part in conservative regions, which complicates any democratic reconquest.

Centered around Donald Trump, these elections seem to benefit from an unprecedented enthusiasm for an appointment that usually only generates a participation of 40 to 45%, against more than 60% in the presidential elections.

More than 32 million voters have already voted, according to Michael McDonald, a professor at the University of Florida who specializes in early voting, authorized by correspondence or in person in most US states.

This is already 20% more than all the anticipated votes in the mid-term elections of 2014, according to him, an enthusiasm similar to what we see in the presidential polls.

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