Trump announced he will meet Kim Jong-un on February 27 and 28 in Vietnam

Trump announced he will meet Kim Jong-un on February 27 and 28 in Vietnam


Donald Trump announced Tuesday night that he will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un again at a two-day summit on February 27-28 in Vietnam, nearly nine months after Singapore.

In his State of the Union address to Congress, Trump said that there is still much to be done for peace with North Korea, while welcoming the progress made over the past 15 months.

“If I had not been elected President of the United States, we would be today, in my opinion, at the heart of a major conflict with North Korea,” he said.

After becoming president, Trump has long wielded war rhetoric with Pyongyang, promising in August 2017 “fire and fury” to North Korea if it renewed its nuclear threats against the United States.

The White House leader and the North Korean leader then moderated their speeches before meeting at a landmark summit in Singapore on June 12, after which Kim Jong-un promised his interlocutor to work for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

The US president said Tuesday night that his relationship with Kim was “good”.

The US special envoy for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, will meet Wednesday in Pyongyang with his North Korean counterpart, Kim Hyok-chol, to prepare this second summit and define a “set of feasible measures”.

According to several observers, the question of an agreement to formally end the Korean War, which ended in 1953 only with an armistice and not a peace treaty, could be at the center of Trump’s discussions. and Kim.

In a confidential report that Reuters was able to consult on Monday, UN inspectors charged with enforcing international sanctions cast doubt on North Korea’s intentions.

Nuclear and ballistic weapons development programs are still in place and Pyongyang is working to protect its sensitive facilities against any military strike, the report said.

We still do not know which city of Vietnam will be chosen for this summit. Hanoi, the capital, or Danang, where four US military aircraft V-22 “Osprey” landed briefly Tuesday night, are the names most often mentioned.

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