Trump congratulates a parliamentarian for assaulting a journalist

Trump congratulates a parliamentarian for assaulting a journalist


DONALD TRUMP – “Never fight with him” Donald Trump could have evoked the professional qualities of Greg Gianforte, representative of the State of Montana. Yet the US president has praised the violence of this parliamentarian known for brutalizing a journalist, as shown in the video at the head of the article.

In a meeting in Missoula, Montana, on October 18th, President Trump once again made a name for himself, evoking lightly an aggression committed by Greg Gianforte. In 2017, this Republican candidate in Montana by-elections had a dispute with a reporter for the British Guardian, Ben Jacobs. He had thrown it to the ground. An audio recording of the scene was subsequently broadcast, in which the politician can be heard uttering threats and physically attacking the journalist.

“I’m tired of you!” The last guy who came here, I did the same thing to him, get out of here, “yells Greg Gianforte, after violently beating his interlocutor.

This aggression, which had a national impact, had occurred a few hours before the election in that northern state of the United States. Had the incident not prevented his election, Gianforte was subsequently sentenced to six months in prison and 40 hours of public service work.

Trump quips about the violence of “his” candidate

Trump, who was holding an election rally on Thursday, called for a vote for Gianforte in mid-term elections in November. He described him as “an incredible leader of Montana” and as “one of the most respected people in Congress”. Before adding “a guy who can do a body slam, it’s my kind of guy”. Body slam is a wrestling movement that involves lifting an opponent and throwing him to the ground.

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