Trump definitely does not believe in global warming

Trump definitely does not believe in global warming


The President of the United States Donald Trump has swept the conclusions of a research project conducted by 300 scientists and validated by his administration.

UNITED STATES – US Climate Change President Donald Trump snapped Monday, Nov. 26, the findings of a detailed report from his own government that warns of the disastrous consequences of climate change on the US economy.

“I do not believe it,” said the Republican president about the conclusions of the “evaluation” commissioned by the US Congress, written by more than 300 scientists and validated by his administration.

According to this document released Friday, the United States could lose “hundreds of billions of dollars” by the end of the century because of greenhouse gases. This Monday, November 26, in front of journalists in the gardens of the White House, Donald Trump explained to have read only “a little” this text. “I saw it, I read a bit, and it’s okay,” he said tersely.

Climate change could cause hundreds of billions dollars in loss for the US economy

The last “National Climate Assessment”, more than 1,000 pages long, was published during the Thanksgiving Bridge, when Americans are reunited with families and follow little information. “Given the historic level of greenhouse gas emissions, losses in the United States could reach hundreds of billions of dollars in several sectors by the end of the century,” warns this document.

“We’ve never been cleaner than we are now, and that’s very important to me, but if we’re clean and all the other places are dirty, it’s not that good. clean air and pure water, “replied Donald Trump on Monday. He had already questioned the previous volume of the study, published last year. The conclusions of this text, which the White House had approved the publication, contradicted the declarations of the Republican president.

And the 2018 report, which focuses on the economic impact, does not seem to convince more the billionaire, who sells for having revived the US economy. “The consequences of climate change beyond our borders will increasingly affect our trade and our economy, including import and export prices, as well as companies with investments and supply chains. supply abroad, “says the latest” National Climate Assessment “.

“What has become to the global warming?” Asks Donald Trump during a cold snap

So many points that should logically upset the former businessman, who wants to reduce the US trade deficit by boosting exports to foreign countries. But Donald Trump, who once called climate change a “hoax” and doubts its human causes, is still not convinced.

Just before Thanksgiving last week, he once again used the weather to prove his skepticism about the weather. “The brutal and prolonged cold wave can beat ALL THE RECORDS- What has become to the global warming?”, He pretended to wonder in a tweet, despite all scientific logic.

In June 2017, the White House tenant announced the withdrawal of the United States (effective November 2020) from the Paris climate agreement and has de facto already abandoned the targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse gases set by his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama.

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