Trump insults British ambassador in Washington, a very stupid guy

Trump insults British ambassador in Washington, “a very stupid guy”


US President Donald Trump on Tuesday treated the British ambassador in Washington as “a very stupid guy”. The US president took the opportunity to reiterate his attacks on Prime Minister Theresa May, saying the negotiations on Brexit were a “disaster”.

These new statements are part of a context of stormy relations between the United States and the United Kingdom since the publication of Saturday diplomatic cables. Inside, the diplomat, Kim Darroch, strongly criticizes the Trump administration.

The US president had already said Monday, July 8 that the United States would have “no contact” with the ambassador but Theresa May – whose successor must be appointed at the end of the month – had quickly reaffirmed his support for this latest.

The Republican billionaire has resumed his onslaughts more beautiful this Tuesday morning on Twitter: “The wacky ambassador that the United Kingdom has passed in the United States is not a person who packs us, a very stupid guy.”

Stressing in other tweets not to know Kim Darroch, Donald Trump adds that he has heard that the ambassador was “a pretentious idiot”.

“Tell him that the United States now has the best economy and the best army in the world, by far, and that they are both getting bigger, better and stronger … Thank you, Mr. Chairman! “He continues.

Donald Trump also returns to the British exit of the European Union, suggesting that the ambassador should rather speak “with his country, and with Prime Minister May, of their failed negotiations on Brexit, and not be upset by [his ] criticisms of the terrible way in which this has been done “.

“I told Theresa May how to make this deal but she did it in her ridiculous way – unable to do it. A disaster! “, Even throws Donald Trump.

In the diplomatic cables published Saturday evening by the British Sunday newspaper Mail on Sunday, the British ambassador notably describes the American president as “unstable” and “incompetent”. These cables, some dating back to 2017, were not intended to be revealed to the public.

Kim Darroch has been stationed in Washington since January 2016.

The British government has announced the opening of an investigation to identify those responsible for this leak, not excluding police intervention if necessary.

Reacting to these thundering new statements, Theresa May’s successor Jeremy Hunt called them “disrespectful and false.” In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Boris Johnson’s challenger wrote: “Donald Trump’s friends speak frankly so I will do it: these comments about our Prime Minister and my country are disrespectful and false”.

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