Trump intensifies his attacks against Pelosi for his opposition to the wall

Trump intensifies his attacks against Pelosi for his opposition to the wall


Donald Trump stepped up Friday night’s attacks on Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, describing her as “very harmful to the United States” because of her opposition to the construction of the wall demanded by the Republican president in the United States. border with Mexico.

Earlier in the day, Donald Trump said there was a “high probability” that he would declare a state of emergency in order to secure the funds needed to fulfill his most symbolic electoral campaign promise in 2016.

The head of the White House has raised this threat several times in recent weeks, but the impasse in the negotiations between Republicans and Democrats could convince him to resort to this option that would allow him to get rid of the Congressional budget.

This exceptional procedure is, however, likely to raise legal and constitutional disputes.

Nancy Pelosi reaffirmed Thursday that she was opposed to the construction of the wall. The Democratic Party, which regained control of the House of Representatives in January, proposed multi-billion dollar measures for border security, but no credit for a wall.

Speaking in a CBS News interview, Donald Trump described Nancy Pelosi as “very rigid” and only wanted to “score points” on the political scene.

“She is very bad for our country, all she wants is to open the borders, the trafficking of human beings is completely equal to her, otherwise she would not do that,” he added. negotiations with the Democratic Representative.

A spokesman for Pelosi condemned Trump’s remarks as a “furious and predictable distortion of the Democrats’ commitment to border security.”

“The Democrats have submitted intelligent and effective solutions (…) while the President still refuses to rule out the hypothesis of a second ‘shutdown’,” Hammill said in a statement.

Pelosi has in the past supported laws to combat the trafficking of human beings, which she calls an “abominable crime”.

A bipartisan commission is trying to find a compromise on the $ 5.7 billion that Donald Trump is seeking to finance the construction of the wall. This commission is scheduled to complete its work by February 10, five days before the expiry of the federal Interim Funding Act.

Trump promulgated this law last Friday, despite the lack of funds for the wall, to suspend the paralysis (“shutdown”) that affected for more than a month the US public services.

This decision of the American president was seen as a political victory for Pelosi.

At a White House event on Friday, Donald Trump pointed out that there was a “huge obstruction” on the part of the Democrats and therefore a “high probability of having to resort” to the state of emergency.

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