Trump is ready for dialogue with Iran without excluding an armed conflict

Trump is ready for dialogue with Iran without excluding an armed conflict


Donald Trump on Thursday invited Iran to dialogue on its nuclear program, but did not rule out an armed confrontation, given bilateral tensions.

The US President, speaking at an impromptu press conference at the White House, refused to say why he recently ordered the carrier Abraham Lincoln and his carrier group to be sent to the Middle East. .

“We have information you would not want to know, they were very threatening and we need to keep the country safe and many more,” he said.

Asked about the risk of armed conflict due to US military presence in the region, Donald Trump replied:

“I guess you can say it all the time, no, I do not want to exclude it, but I hope it will not happen, we have one of the most powerful ships in the world and we do not want to do that. whatever.”

He also said he was ready to meet the Iranian leaders again. “What they should do is call me, sit down (to argue), we can make a fair deal, we just do not want them to have the atomic weapon. asking too much and we could help them get back into great shape. “

A year to the day after the announcement of the US withdrawal from the Vienna agreement on its nuclear program, Iran waived part of its commitments on Wednesday and gave 60 days to other signatories to implement their compensation pledges US sanctions.

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