Trump - Macron G7 imbroglio on the Iranian nuclear issue

Trump – Macron: G7 imbroglio on the Iranian nuclear issue


A supposed role entrusted to the French president that Donald Trump hastened to deny, affirming in a press conference that if he supported the approach of Emmanuel Macron, the United States would take care of the Iranian issue on their side. In his televised address at 13 hours, the tenant of the Elysee has indeed made a few clarifications. “President Trump is right: there is no formal mandate given under the G7, it does not exist. We will continue to act each in its role,” said Emmanuel Macron, referring rather to a “consensus “.

A common communication?

However, early in the morning, in an interview with TF1 and LCI, the French president said that the G7 members had agreed on a common message. “We have taken note of common communication, which, in my opinion, has a lot of value, and a decisive action that allows reconciling a little position,” said Emmanuel Macron. “We all agree on two very clear things: we do not want Iran to have the nuclear bomb and we do not want an escalation and destabilize the region,” he said.

Iran’s nuclear issue remains a particularly thorny issue, especially since Donald Trump decided in May 2018 to step out of the agreement and reinstate heavy sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

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