Trump Proposed Palestinian State on 90% of West Bank

Trump Proposed Palestinian State on 90% of West Bank


The peace plan for the Middle East that Donald Trump is preparing to propose provides for the creation of a Palestinian state on 90% of the West Bank and part of East Jerusalem, reported Wednesday the Israeli television channel Reshet 13 TV .

The part of Jerusalem that would devolve to the Palestinian state would not include the holy places that surrounds the city.

According to the television channel, the annexation of territories currently occupied by Israeli settlements is provided for in this plan. However, it is expected that some settlements will be evacuated.

Donald Trump promised in the wake of his election that he would solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem, but the peace plan he has repeatedly mentioned was never detailed by the White House.

His proposals may in any event run up against the hostility of the Palestinians who do not accept that the US president has decided to transfer the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The hypothesis of a division of Jerusalem into two parts could also receive an adverse echo in Israel where the city is described as capital “eternal and indivisible”.

The peace plan referred to by Reshet TV does not mention the fate of the Palestinian refugees or address the right of return that many of them want to make.

No Palestinian or Israeli official commented on the Reshet 13 TV news while a White House official called it “inaccurate”.

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