Trump says to Russian investigation: "I'm screwed"

Trump says to Russian investigation: “I’m screwed”


When the special prosecutor Robert Mueller was appointed in May 2017 to investigate a possible collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign team, the latter reacted by saying “damn”, according to the report on the Russian investigation made public Thursday.

“Oh my God, it’s terrible, it’s the end of my presidency, I’m screwed up,” the American president reacted in the White House Oval Office on May 17, 2017, when his justice minister of the United States Jeff Sessions taught him the appointment of the special prosecutor.

Donald Trump “collapsed in his chair,” said the report of the prosecutor Mueller, which relies here on notes taken by the director of cabinet of Mr. Sessions.

The president then turned to Jeff Sessions, reproaching him, angrily, for not having “protected” him.

“How could you let Jeff do that ???” asked Mr. Trump. “Everybody tells me that if you have one of these special prosecutors, it spoils the presidency, it takes years and years, I can not do anything, it’s the worst thing that has happened to me.”

Until his dismissal in November 2018, Donald Trump repeatedly criticized his Minister of Justice for having recused the Russian investigation.

His assistant, Rod Rosenstein, was in charge of supervising her.

According to the report, in June 2017, the US president “ordered” the head of the White House’s legal services, Don McGahn, to accuse Robert Mueller of “conflicts of interest” and to demand “his dismissal”. Mr. McGahn refused to comply, the special prosecutor wrote in his report.

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