Trump The yellow vests is a sign that the Paris agreement does not work

Trump: The yellow vests is a sign that the Paris agreement does not work


Donald Trump, who withdrew the United States from the Paris climate agreement of 2015, he saw on Saturday in the new day of mobilization of “yellow vests” in France the sign that this framework designed to fight against global warming do not “work so well”

“The Paris agreement does not work so well for Paris, demonstrations and riots all over France,” he wrote Saturday morning on Twitter.

“People do not want to pay large sums of money, mostly to countries in the third world (which are questionably managed) in order to perhaps protect the environment,” he said.

Protesters, they add, “chant ‘We want Trump!’ I love France.”

The president of the United States had already commented this week on the protest against the “yellow vests”, which led to a rejection of the implementation of a tax on fuels.

“I am happy that my friend Emmanuel Macron and the demonstrators in Paris accept the conclusion that I reached two years ago: the Paris agreement is fatally biased because it increases the energy tariff of the responsible countries. while it exempts some of the worst polluters … “, he had written Tuesday on his Twitter account, followed by 56 million Internet users.

The same day, he had retweeted the message of a figure of the conservative American movement describing “riots in socialist France because of fuel taxes wanted by the radical left”.

Charlie Kirk, in this message relayed by the American president, denounces a desire to “camouflage the rebellion of the middle classes against cultural Marxism” and says that the protesters chant “We want Trump” in the streets of Paris.

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