Trump wants to take advantage of the Kavanaugh case for midterms

Trump wants to take advantage of the Kavanaugh case for “midterms”


Donald Trump used the Kavanaugh affair on Tuesday night, whose Supreme Court appointment process sparked a political and societal debate in the United States after accusations of sexual assault against the judge Republican electorate for the mid-term elections.

At a campaign rally of Republican candidates in the states of Iowa and Nebraska for the mid-term elections scheduled for November 6, the US president described the Democrats’ attempt to block Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination to the Supreme Court as a “national disgrace”, without mentioning the accusations of sexual assault made by several women against the judge.

“They wanted to destroy a man, of course, they wanted to destroy me too,” he said from Council Bluffs, a town in Iowa near Omaha, Nebraska.

“In four weeks, you will have the opportunity to make your verdict on the scandalous conduct of the Democrats,” added Trump, saying the Democrats had lost their heads and were “too dangerous to govern.”

At Brett Kavanaugh’s inauguration ceremony at the White House on Monday, Donald Trump had apologized on behalf of all Americans for the “terrible suffering” that Kavanaugh had to endure.

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