Trump will officially launch its campaign in mid-June

Trump will officially launch its campaign in mid-June


Donald Trump plans to launch in mid-June the official campaign for his re-election in November 2020, said Monday anonymous sources close to the White House.

The US president plans to hold a rally in Florida, possibly on June 15, followed by a series of steps in key states in the next few days.

The date will be close to the fourth anniversary of the announcement of Trump’s candidacy for the White House on June 16, 2015.

The Trump campaign team did not want to comment. The US president has already raised funds and held political meetings for months.

The choice of Florida is not due to chance, the New York billionaire owning a luxury villa, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, where he stays regularly.

Donald Trump won the election in Florida in 2016, but as is the case in many “Swing States”, states likely to tip the presidential election in either side, his victory there is not ensured by 2020.

The US economy is in good shape, unemployment is low but the character and its politics deeply divide the country and the Democrats hope to deprive him of a second term.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, leading the polls for the Democratic Party inauguration, kicked off his campaign last month citing unifying themes and baptizing Trump “the chief divisor”.

He is the favored target of Donald Trump, who, as he did in his 2016 campaign against Republican rivals Hillary Clinton, gave him a nickname, “Sleepy Joe” (Joe asleep) , hoping to discredit him.

Donald Trump also told the conservative television channel Fox News last week that he would not just defend his economic record during the campaign.

“If I start talking about economics for a long time – to say that the economy is doing very well, that unemployment is low, that we are doing a wonderful job, they will start falling asleep,” he said. about his followers.

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