Trump yields to his wall to escape the longest shutdown in history.

Trump yields to his wall to escape the longest shutdown in history.


Under the weight of an avalanche of poignant testimonials, a growing bill and immense political pressure, Donald Trump finally gave up – temporarily – the financing of his wall on the Mexican border to be able to leave the “shutdown” the most long history of the United States.

Under intense pressure, Trump finally accepted what the Democrats had been demanding for weeks: to break the budget impasse before the resumption of any negotiations on measures to control illegal immigration.

After more than a month of paralysis affecting 800,000 civil servants without pay, Trump said he was “proud” to announce an agreement to end the partial “shutdown”, providing funding for federal services until February 15 .

Congress then approved by Friday a unanimous agreement. Only stay with Donald Trump to sign it.

“Let’s hope the President has learned the lesson,” said the Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer, victorious.

“It is sad that it took so long to come to an obvious conclusion,” said House Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has reinforced her reputation as a skilful strategist through the crisis.

Donald Trump, however, threatened a new budget paralysis from February 15 if no consensus was found on its project border wall. Even to declare an “emergency” situation that would allow him to activate extraordinary powers to bypass the Congress.

“We have no choice but to build a strong wall or a steel barrier,” he insisted.

Not enough, however, to appease a faction of the right wing of its base.

Furious that Trump temporarily yielded, the very conservative and influential polemicist Ann Coulter accused the president of being a “wimp”.

Donald Trump will certainly return to the topic of immigration during the traditional State of the Union address, which Nancy Pelosi had postponed due to “shutdown”. The Democratic leader, who is responsible for inviting the president, did not say Friday whether it would finally take place next Tuesday, as originally planned.

– Six billion dollars –

Just prior to this announcement, the pressure was sharply increased on Donald Trump and parliamentarians as thousands of public servants had just been deprived of a second pay slip.

These federal employees will be paid retroactively, but this is not the case for the many subcontractors who are also affected.

Large disturbances were also reported Friday morning at airports in New York and Philadelphia due to lack of staff, adding to the urgency of the situation.

Associations of air traffic controllers had expressed Thursday their concern about the consequences of the “shutdown” on security in air transport. An alarming message repeatedly repeated in the US media since.

On the side of the business world also the indignant voices had redoubled this week for a solution to be found.

According to the rating agency Standard and Poor’s (S & P), “the US economy has lost at least six billion dollars” until Friday. That is “more than the $ 5.7 billion that the White House demanded for the border wall,” stress his analysts.

Donald Trump and the Republicans, the majority in the Senate but not in the House, were mostly held responsible for the situation, according to polls published since the beginning of the week.

In the Republican Party, the malaise was palpable in the Senate faced with the avalanche of poignant testimonies of officials and contractors. The Senate chaplain called on parliamentarians to act after the stories of coast guards forced to resort to the soup kitchen.

On the Democrats’ side, beyond the wall issue, it was critical not to give in to the stormy president for fear that he would use the brutal “shutdown” lever in the future to push through other projects. highly controversial.

“We can not take Americans hostage,” Chuck Schumer hammered Friday.

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