UK: Boris Johnson is pro-Brexit candidate for Prime Minister

UK: Boris Johnson is pro-Brexit candidate for Prime Minister


The former mayor of London refused to take the post in 2016 after the referendum campaign, accusing him of misleading voters.
Three years after giving it up for the first time, former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson confirmed on Thursday that he would run for the post of prime minister when Theresa May stepped down.

“Of course I’m going to go,” said this fervent Brexit supporter at a business event in Manchester, North West England, confirming what most of his conservative and political commentators supposed.

Theresa May has promised to resign once the Brexit agreement with Brussels in November is passed by UK MPs, without setting a specific date. The head of the government announced this week that it will present in early June a bill on the Brexit agreement. The vote will be on the legislation that must be adopted to implement the agreement and not on the agreement itself, which has been rejected three times by British officials. If the bill is rejected, it could be forced to resign.

  • Discredited after Brexit but appreciated

Many of his ministers and deputies are already fighting over his post, posing for photographers and speaking on topics far removed from their usual areas. Theresa May came to the head of the British government after the 2016 Brexit referendum and the resignation of her predecessor David Cameron. At the time, Boris Johnson had given up the job.

Former mayor of London, Boris Johnson made himself famous by his diplomatic blunders and is accused of misleading voters about Brexit during the referendum campaign. He is however appreciated by many activists of the Conservative Party who will decide the candidates.

He resigned as Foreign Minister last year, in disagreement with the government’s Brexit strategy.

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