UK Donald Trump will meet Theresa May

UK: Donald Trump will meet Theresa May


“This second day of US President Donald Trump‘s state visit to London will begin with a meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May, which will no doubt be an opportunity for them to discuss Brexit. Theresa May’s way of doing things is rather adept at a clear break with Europe, an exit without agreement, that’s what he defends, and he supports the conservative candidates. to succeed Theresa May who are favorable to this issue, “details the correspondent of France 2 in London Arnaud Comte Tuesday morning.

Events in central London

“There will also be a second high point with protests planned in central London at Trafalgar Square.Thousands of people are expected.The last time the US president set foot on British soil, it was in July 2018 and these demonstrations had gathered tens of thousands of people, so it will be monitored, “concludes Arnaud Comte.

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