Ukrainegate why this new case is risky for Donald Trump

“Ukrainegate”: why this new case is risky for Donald Trump


Donald Trump is accused by a whistleblower of having obtained a promise from his Ukrainian counterpart: the opening of an investigation into Hunter Biden, the youngest son of the former Democratic Vice President, against military aid.

The President of the United States will meet Wednesday at the United Nations Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky. The face-to-face may be tense. According to the New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump “asked his interlocutor” eight times, during a telephone call on July 25, to obtain the continuation of an investigation into Hunter Biden, the youngest son of former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden. These allegations of the press are based on the emergency report, August 12, a whistleblower in US intelligence agencies mentioning in this telephone interview a “promise”.

The investigation by the Inspector General of the Intelligence Services found this alert credible and informed the acting National Director of Intelligence. The latter will be heard Thursday behind closed doors by the congressional Intelligence Committee. Will he be allowed by the Department of Justice to disclose what he knows? Democrats are now openly accusing the president of buying the Ukrainian leader’s promise to investigate Joe Biden’s son in exchange for $ 250 million in military aid, blocked for months by the federal government, and finally unblocked on 9th September.

  • “A big corruption case”

Thursday evening, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, finally admitted that the president had indeed asked his Ukrainian counterpart “to examine the allegations that indirectly implicated Joe Biden in a big corruption case”. The son of the former vice-president has worked since 2014 and until last April for Burisma, the main Ukrainian gas company. At the time, his father, under President Obama, had threatened Kyiv to block 1 billion dollars loan if the authorities were not more active in the fight against corruption.

Today, Donald Trump risks being accused, once again, of demanding information from a foreign power for domestic political purposes in the midst of an election campaign. Especially since he considers Joe Biden as his most formidable opponent for the presidency next year. But Joe Biden, splashed, will he keep his promise to reconcile the White House with ethics and morals? This insinuation at this stage has only one beneficiary: Donald Trump.

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