Ukrainian crisis Trump's threats Russia

Ukrainian crisis: Trump’s threats Russia


The relationship between Moscow and Washington, undermined by the crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

Donald Trump has threatened to cancel his scheduled meeting this weekend with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, at the G20 summit in Argentina.

Petro Poroshenko does not hesitate to evoke the “threat of a large-scale war” with the Russian neighbor, who would have “increased considerably”, according to the head of the Ukrainian state.

Tensions have risen further since the capture of ships sent by Kiev to the Kerch Strait off the Crimea this Sunday.

“They want to put under control the entire Sea of ​​Azov, despite international law, and despite a bilateral agreement between Ukraine and Russia in force since 2003,” said Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. “This is the ultimate goal of Russia: to occupy this sea. It is not the attack of them Ukrainian military boats, and of a tug, it is an aggression against the sea of ​​Azov“.

Western countries are paying close attention to this verbal escalation, and fear an open conflict between Kiev and Moscow.

“It is obvious that if Ukraine, alone or with the help of its allies, tries to solve problems by military means, it will result in a military defeat,” says Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Russian upper chamber.

On Wednesday, the Kremlin announced that a new anti-aircraft missile system would be deployed in Crimea “in the near future” to “protect Russian airspace”.

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