United States a wedding hall refuses to celebrate the union of a mixed couple.

United States: a wedding hall refuses to celebrate the union of a mixed couple.


The representative of the establishment justified by “religious reasons” her refusal to organize the marriage of a black man and a white woman.

A property hosting wedding parties in the southern United States has refused to host the union of a black man and a white woman, saying it is opposed “for religious reasons” to homosexual and interracial marriages in a video become viral.

The couple had been in contact for several days with officials at Boone’s Camp Event Hall in Mississippi when he received a rejection email citing “religious beliefs”. The bridegroom’s sister then went on the spot to have more explanations and filmed her exchange with a woman who, bluntly, declares to her “we do not make gay or interracial weddings”.

Why ? asks his interlocutor. “Because of our Christian race, I mean our Christian beliefs,” says the woman, presented as the owner of the place by the US media. The video, first published by local news website Deep South Voice, went viral, triggering a shower of criticism.

“I was wrong”

The woman implicated was awkwardly excused on his Facebook page, which has since become unavailable. She explains that she grew up in Mississippi with the unspoken rule “to stay with her race” and adds that, at the request of her husband, she searched the Bible for support.

“After looking for Saturday, Saturday, Sunday, and talking with my pastor on Sunday night, I concluded that I was wrong,” she adds, before discussing what the Bible allows.

Marriages between blacks and whites were legalized throughout the United States in 1967 by a Supreme Court decision called “Loving v. Virginia”. In 2016, the Mississippi, located in the American Bible Belt, however, allowed traders to refuse for religious reasons to participate in same-sex marriages or transgender people.

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