United States deploy troops in Saudi Arabia, Iran responds

United States deploy troops in Saudi Arabia, Iran responds


A week after the attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, the United States announced the deployment of troops to the area. Iran is ready for war, Donald Trump too.

Tension in the Persian Gulf increases a notch, a week after attacks on Saudi oil facilities attributed to Iran on 14 September. On Friday, September 20, the United States announced the dispatch of military reinforcements to the area requested by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The exact number of troops has not been decided, but it should be “moderate” and less than a thousand soldiers. The decision offended the leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, who warned on Saturday (September 21st) that any country attacking his own would become his “main battleground”.

“We will never allow a war to encroach on the territory of Iran,” General Salami added on Saturday, showing drones captured on his territory that he describes as American. “What are your drones doing in our airspace? We will shoot them down,” he said, before saying that Iran had defeated “American technological dominance” and that his country was “ready for all types of scenario”.

  • A riposte would lead to a “total war”, according to Iran

The head of Iranian diplomacy said on Thursday, September 19 that a Saudi or American response in Iran would lead to a “total war”.

The United States says they adopt a defensive attitude to “a spectacular escalation of the Iranian aggression” of 14 September. These attacks halved oil production in Saudi Arabia and led to soaring oil prices, reviving tensions between the United States and Iran.

However, Donald Trump said that “it would only take a minute” to “hit 15 major sites in Iran” before boasting the merits of “restraint”.

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