United StatesDonald Trump demonizes democrats

United States:Donald Trump demonizes democrats


In the United States, 34 states already vote in advance for the mid-term parliamentary elections. This is the case of Florida, a state often decisive in the race for the White House.

If this election determines who will control both houses of Congress, it is now a referendum for or against Donald Trump.

The president has understood this, and continues to demonize his opponents. Economics, immigration: Democrats are dangerous warns the billionaire: “This is one of the most important elections in our lives, and these elections will decide whether we are building on the extraordinary prosperity we have gained or whether we are leaving Radical democrats take control of Congress, and destroy our economy and the future of our nation. ”

Two years after leaving power, Barack Obama is back in the arena. The former Democratic president warns against rhetoric aimed at spreading fear. He calls on Americans to vote: “Tuesday, you can vote for a decent policy, for an honest policy, for a policy that is legal, for a policy that tries to do good for people.”

These elections are worth test for the presidential election of 2020. They are difficult for the Republicans. This appointment is generally rejected by voters but this year, the vote seems to benefit from an unprecedented mobilization.

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