Killing in the United States: "Almost no American opposes the carrying of weapons"

Texas and Ohio Killing : “Almost no American opposes the weapons carrying”


“At the moment, the balance of power is more in favor of weapons,” said US specialist Charlotte Recoquillon, after the two-weekend shootings in Texas and Ohio. “In the United States, virtually no one opposes the carrying of weapons,” said Charlotte Recoquillon, a doctor of geopolitics and specialist in the United States, Sunday, August 4, after the two mass killings that hit the country. country, Saturday and Sunday in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. “Americans are used to it,” added the expert.

  • What will the Americans say when they wake up and learn this killing?

Charlotte Recoquillon: The Americans are used to it. Since 2012 and the extremely public-spirited slaughter in a kindergarten that killed 20 children, Americans are accustomed to no law being passed to restrict the flow of firearms.

  • Can not we be fed up with Americans?

The carrying of arms is a constitutional right governed by the second amendment. This amendment is then framed by state-level laws. This explains why some American states have more or less restrictive legislation.

  • Can a ban on the carrying of arms be considered?

In the United States, virtually no one opposes the right to carry weapons. The debate is rather about a framework and not about a ban. Even Democratic candidates, who are normally the most active in arms control, are not against guns. They will, for example, ask for laws to regulate the sale of weapons, to whom they are sold, how to control their circulation, but at no time will they propose legislation against weapons in themselves.

In addition, the legislative mechanism means that at the federal level, the president does not have power over the chambers and the state congresses. It’s up to them to legislate. Currently, President Trump strongly supports the right to bear arms. We must not forget that pro-arms lobbies had financed Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign for $ 30 million. At the moment, the balance of power is more in favor of weapons.

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