United States: more than 10 million signatures gathered to ask Congress to dismiss Donald Trump

United States: more than 10 million signatures gathered to ask Congress to dismiss Donald Trump


The US Senate, which would be responsible for the “trial” in impeachment proceedings, however remains controlled by the Republicans. Which are unlikely to threaten Donald Trump.

Millions of votes in favor of a departure from Donald Trump. Several Democratic parliamentarians and leftist organizations presented, on Thursday, May 9th in Washington (United States), petitions gathering altogether more than ten million signatures, to ask the Congress that it launches a procedure of impeachment against the republican president .

In front of the Capitol, Congress headquarters in Washington, and with a sign proclaiming “Trump must leave”, two elected representatives of the House of Representatives, Rashida Tlaib and Al Green, and several representatives of associations like MoveOn and Women’s March presented a key USB gathering all the signatures.

“We hold in our hands 10 million reasons to be here today,” said Al Green. “Faced with our time, at this remarkably dark time for our country, it is time, in my opinion, to fight,” added Rashida Tlaib, who calls for the dismissal of Donald Trump for several months.

  • A “constitutional crisis”

Faced with this left wing of the party, the Democratic leaders temper however, hammering that an impeachment procedure, unpopular in the polls, could deeply divide the country, as the elections of 2020 approach. Especially as facing the House, a Democratic majority, the Senate, responsible for “trial” in impeachment proceedings, remains controlled by the Republicans and certainly pay Donald Trump.

But for several weeks, the situation has tended between the Democrats and the White House. The Presidency refuses to cooperate with several parliamentary inquiries because it considers that their demands are unjustified and motivated by political interests.

“The decision of Trump and his administration to ignore their oath” by not cooperating with the Congress “triggered a constitutional crisis,” said Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday. But she also rejected the prospect of impeachment until the parliamentary inquiries were closed.

“We can not say we have a constitutional crisis and then do nothing,” responded Al Green, in an obvious response to Nancy Pelosi. “We must remove, let the Senate do what it wants, we must do what we have to do!”

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