United States Pentagon releases $ 3.6 billion for the Mexican border wall construction .

United States: Pentagon releases $ 3.6 billion for the Mexican border wall construction .


Work will begin in the next three months, on land belonging to the Department of Defense.

The Pentagon announced on Tuesday (September 3rd) that it has released $ 3.6 billion to finance the construction of a 282-kilometer stretch of wall on the Mexican border at the request of President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Pentagon officials announced that 127 projects would be affected. The first $ 1.8 billion will come from the postponement of military construction projects abroad and the second part from the postponement of projects in the United States, they said.

Construction work may begin in the next three months on land owned by the Department of Defense. General Andrew Poppas, director of operations at the US General Staff, said he expected the construction of the wall would reduce the number of soldiers needed at the border.

  • TollĂ© among the democrats

The announcement was sharply criticized by Democratic parliamentarians. Among the projects affected is a building of the prestigious West Point Military Academy, said Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer.

“In my opinion, stealing money from military construction at home and abroad will hurt our national security, our quality of life and the morale of our troops, making America less safe,” commented Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives (controlled by the Democrats), according to statements reported by one of his assistants.

The construction of a border wall was a key promise of Donald Trump during his campaign in the 2016 presidential election and remains a central theme for his re-election.

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