United States the shutdown could start again in three weeks.

United States: the shutdown could start again in three weeks.


In the United States after an interim budget agreement with US parliamentarians, all jurisdictions will soon be back to work.

Friday, after three weeks of near paralysis, Donald Trump has decided to backtrack: he did not get funding for its anti-migrants wall on the border with Mexico even if the US president persists and signs.

Donald Trump: “No security plan at the border can work without a physical barrier.”

On Twitter the US president justified his defeat by consideration for the millions of Americans deprived of wages because of the shutdown, but in 21 days all over again warned Donald Trump.

Deprived of income for nearly a month thousands of civil servants have had to rely on the generosity of charities that have made free meals available to them.

Amanda Russel, unemployed official: “I think the shutdown has been very traumatic for many people, I think it has put a lot of American workers in a very difficult financial situation and I hope that in the future we will be able to avoid that kind of thing. ”

Adrian Ferguson, Unemployed Coast Guard: “It’s a terrible feeling because I’m a father, I have a wife and a child, I have credits to pay back and it’s hard to get to Other loans, it’s very disorienting, I’m having sleepless nights asking myself how to find money. ”

The stress of US officials is not about to fall. Donald Trump does not intend to go out of business until he wins his wall. Quit to cause a new shutdown in the month of February.

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