US Congress would like Facebook to separate from WhatsApp and Instagram.

US Congress would like Facebook to separate from WhatsApp and Instagram.


While visiting Washington, Mark Zuckerberg met with the President of the United States, as well as members of the US Congress. The latter asked him to separate from Instagram and WhatsApp, to protect the competition. But the boss of the social network refused to access this request.

This week, Mark Zuckerberg put politics at the heart of his agenda. The CEO. Facebook was indeed expected in Washington (United States), to meet several senior leaders of the country.

  • Zuck in the US Congress

Debates began at a dinner with American officials on Wednesday, September 18th. According to Democrat Senator Mark Warner, the discussions made it possible to discuss “many topics”, including the protection of personal data, transparency, racism, authentication methods and Libra, the future cryptocurrency of Facebook.

Exchanges that did not lead to real progress, although the elected representative said he “appreciated his sincerity, as well as the fact that he took our concerns seriously”.

The next day, the leader of the social platform went to the US Congress. He was able to meet new people’s representatives, including Republican Senator Josh Hawley. The latter revealed, on Twitter, Zuckerberg prompted two actions, “to show the seriousness of Facebook on the issues of impartiality, confidentiality, and competition”:

The entrepreneur would have rejected both ideas.

  • Zuck at the White House

Finally, Mark Zuckerberg concluded his tour of political institutions with a visit to the White House. He met with President Donald Trump, without the content of the discussions filtering. The head of state simply published a photo of their interview, accompanied by a short caption: “Good meeting with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook in the Oval Office today”.

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