US does not seek war with Iran ", but they send troops to the Middle East

US does not seek war with Iran “, but they send troops to the Middle East


The United States deploys an aircraft carrier (USS Abraham Lincoln) and additional bombers in the Middle East. Washington says it wants to send a “clear and unmistakable message” to Iran. The announcement of this military deployment was made by the White House National Security Advisor, John Bolton.

In his statement, the “Security Sir” of Donald Trump said it echoes “disturbing indications of escalation and warnings,” without giving more details.

A US official said troops were ordered to go to the Middle East to “deter” what was perceived as preparations for possible attacks by the Iranian army on US troops in the region. .

Deterioration of relations between Washington and Tehran

Relations between the United States and Iran have deteriorated over the last two years.

Donald Trump decided in May 2018 to get out of the Iranian nuclear deal signed by his predecessor. He has also reinstated economic sanctions. Washington reinforced a “maximum pressure” campaign on Iran a few days ago by announcing the end of exemptions that still allowed eight countries to import Iranian crude without violating US extraterritorial sanctions.

In addition, the US president has inscribed the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution on the US list of foreign terrorist organizations.

For its part, Iran has just introduced a law that designates as “terrorists”, any American soldier deployed in the Middle East and describing the US government as “sponsor of terrorism”.

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